Game Server Cage - Wireguard on NixOS

Introduction & Motivation

I was playing The Forest with a few friends and thought that it would be nice to setup a few game servers. Having recently transitioned to NixOS and never having set something like this up before, this is also a great time to learn a few newer technologies other than simply setting up the server and opening the port on my router.

My vision is something like this:

Have a Wireguard VPN setup where my friends can connect to an isolated subnet where all my game servers are exposed. As a bonus goal I would also like to have my normal internet traffic for my desktop and other devices go through Wireguard to a hosted VPS on AWS. I'm hoping this exercise will teach me more about networking and VPNs in general.

The part of my knowledge that I'm missing for this case is how to separate the game server VPN from accessing the rest of my network since I only care about the game server traffic reaching my friends and my own windows gaming virtual machine also accessing the server.

Network Topology

WGI = Wiregaurd Virtual Interface. zombie - game0 - WGVI for my game servers. vpn0 - WGVI for general use.

In this case zombie needs to act both as a Wireguard client and server. It acts as a server hosting the VPN that allows for my friends and as a client connecting to my VPS on AWS.


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